Why to get one of cheap sex swings

If you like to explore the land of pleasures, your answer would be just like mine: “Why not?”

There are many reasons why to get at least one of the cheap sex swings. Here are only few of them:

  • Door jam sex swingThere are chances for both of you to explore the unknown world of sex positions
  • There are few versions of SEX swing that you can get for less than 99$
  • Cheap sex swings are usually also portable,so you can use it where ever you want to
  • You can take door jam sex swing anywhere you go all around the world. You can find doors to mount it anywhere, right?
  • If you have body sex Swing you can also take it anywhere you want,on vacations or business trip
  • Especially ladies will love this adult toy, because of new positions and more pleasures
  • It’s durable sex equipment
  • It’s safe to use
  • Even persons with arthritis and muscular weakness can also use it, without any problem, because of weightless flowing, it can’t hurt them

These are obviously more than great reasons why to get at least one of cheap sex SWINGS.

Think about it in this way. If you buy the vibrator and you pick one of the middle class, it will cost you near 50 bucks. If not more, of course, don’t forget the costs for batteries.

For the same amount of your hard earned money, you can get for example one of the Door Jam sex Swing.
Especially if you use promo code SWEET15 and get instant 15% discount ($50 minimum purchase).

To take the advantage of this Promo code, GO HERE!


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Pig Sling with Stirrups

Stockroom is special online store with awesome items. They are very well known especially among those who like BDSM stuff. One of their product is Pig Sling with Stirrups.

Who and why to choose Pig Sex Sling

pig_sex_sling_This sex sling is ideal choice for experimentalists. Using this sex swing, testing of new unknown sex positions will be piece of cake.

Pig sex Sling offers vegan alternative to a classic sex swing with ergonomic back support.

You can choose between three different trim options of black, yellow or red.


Durable and light weight 42oz black vinyl-coated polyester fabric and binding are held together with heavyweight bonded nylon thread.

D-rings made from 3-inch nickel plated steel, will help support your partner’s weight. Both of you will enjoy it, no matter how rough you like to play.

strapsEasy Cleaning

Because of easy cleaning with any light spray cleaner, you can easily wipe out anything, no matter how messy you’ll get.

About storing

This sex sling is very easy to store. Material is very thin, so you can simply roll it up and hide away, when you not use it.

Rolling is highly recommended. Folding the sling, can do some damage with time because creases may become permanent.

Works great with the Sling Stand.

  •  Will hold up to 250 lbs
  • Stirrups (made of the same tough material) included
  • Four D-ring attachment points
  • Quick and easy cleaningpig_sex_sling_stockroom

To find out more and to get this awesome Pig Sex SLING with Stirrups, Go HERE!

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How to hang a Trinity Sex Swing

Trinity sex swings are one of the best quality love swings on the market. It comes fully assembled with padded back, butt and hanging leg straps from support bar. Before you start to explore sex positions using TrinitY Sex Swing, you need to hang it and adjust the straps. To hang this great sex equipement, follow the instructions below.

Trinity  spin sex swingDoorway Trinity sex Swing Installation

Since most people have doorway, this is easiest way to hang your sex swing. This is most convenient way to mount your Love swing, but it does slightly limit your range of motion.

Eyelet_screwAs first, mark the spot at the center of your doorway. Take a hammer and tap the pointy end of the eyelet screw into that spot. Proceed to twist the screw into the wood. For secure hold, you should sink all of the threading into the wood.

If you drilling at first small pilot hole, the installation of eyelet screw will be a little bit easier.

Do not remove this screw. Installing and removing of eyelet screw, will weaken the wood and increase a chance that your TRINITY SeX sWing will break loose during the play.

Test securely before first use!

Ceiling installation of Trinity hang sex swing

Hanging your Trinity Swing in the middle of the room, you’ll get full benefit of its mobility. To find strong ceiling beam, use a stud finder.

Center the pointy end of eyelet screw above your desired location – hanging point and pound it with hammer.
From here on is basically the same as it is with doorway mounting.
Don’t forget for secure test before first and every use.

Using a sex swing stand

Sex Swing Stand is portable, easy to set up, sturdy and don’t involve any drilling and putting holes into your ceiling.

If those things are too much for you, or you have extra space, we recommend that you get Stand for sex SWING.

Hanging the swing

ChainAfter you decide where you’ll have hanging point, you can simply attached one of the carabiners to the ring at the top of support bar and other carabiner to your hanging point.

Then clip the spring between those two carabiners and you are good to go to explore the world of pleasure hanging in Trinity sex swing.

If swing is too high, add the chain in between the top carabiner and spring.
Adjust the length of chain to the height that is most comfort for both of you.

Sure you should adjust straps too.


200 pounds is the maximum weight for the spring. If the person that hangs in the swing has more than 200 pounds or you both have over 200 pounds, use only the chain, without the spring.

Excessive weight on the spring may cause some damage on it.

If you use only chain, can support up to 400 pounds.

You should keep in mind, that during the play only one partner’s weight will be fully supported by Sex Swing.

Using of TriniTY SeX SwinG:

Using sex swinG opens up countless positions for making love. It’s very easy to use.

Trinity_Sex_SwingFirst of all, partner that hang in swing should get comfortable, supported with back strap, butt strap and leg strap. With first use, you should adjust the straps until hanged person is fully comfortable in sex SwinG and reach perfect height.

Once your partner floating on the sEx sWINg, You have the power to find many new positions with easy to maneuver of your hanging partner.

You can easily move it from side to side, back and forth and of course, spin it around.

Using the support bar, you’ll have a great one handed maneuvering bar.

From now on, all the partners sensitive spots will be easily accessible without any straining your neck.

While your partnr hanging in the swing, it’s easy to adjust the straps for effortless penetration at a wide variety of angles.

With the combination of imagination from both of you, you’ll find countless ways to make love, that was impossible, until you get Trinity SEX SwinG.


This is all about how to hang a TrinitY SeX SwiNG. Of course, you can use it also outside of your house. For example,… hang over the branch of the tree.

If you don’t have TrinitY sEx Swing at your home, here is the chance to get it with 15% discount using the promo code:


To use advantage of this code, click on TopSexToysShop.com



Suggested weight limit not to exceed 400 lbs. Install and
use at your own risk

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How to get affordable sex swing stand

All those that use swings regularly know how important it is to have a good sex swing stand. So, I decided to show you the way, how to get affordable sex Swing Stand.

Best ways to get sex SWING stand cheaper

There are few ways to get stand for sex swing STAND cheaper. But best ways are:

Use a promo code

univrsal Sex swing standTake advantage from the navigation, to get discount offers

Subscribe to newsletters and get special offers


How to use a promo code?

First you must get or find one. Some online stores show those on the home page of the stores. But here I’ll give you some codes that I use to get sex toys for affordable prices.

PAY5LESS – 5.00% Off (No Order Minimum)

10OFF50 – 10.00% Off ($50.00 Order Minimum)

SEXSWINGS15 for instant 15% discount ($200 Order Minimum)

You can use these on www.topsextoysshop.com


Trinity sex swing standHow to use the navigation, to get discount?

First you should GO HERE!

Then Type in the search bar »SEX SWING Stand« and press enter or click on »Go« on the right side of search bar.

Now you should see stands for Sex Swing. In left sidebar, click on Sex Swings. Then you should see in the left sidebar section named »Discount«.

There you can choose the amount of percentage of discount you like to get. But you should know, that more discount you choose, les items you get.

At the moment, you can get one stand for sex SwinG with 50% discount.

Check out offers and play with different percentage of discount.


What do you get with subscribing on newsletters?

First, usually you get some E-book to download that is related to topic of the website that you visiting.

After that, you’ll get on your email address latest promotions, promo codes, special offers, even to remember you that you can find more new articles about topic that you were interested for.


sex swing standWhy is this so important for me, to share it with you?

Everything I share with you, is basically what my friend told and tought me. So because I believe in karma, I spread this positive energy among all of you.

I know how hard is to earn money these days. Honestly, good quality among these items you can not find among cheap sex swing stands.

So it’s nice to get some of those promo code, to get at least 10% discount, to save your hard earned money, or you can get something extra that you probably need.

I personally like to spend saved money to get some sex toy cleaner or lubricant.

Well now I know that I do my job and share with you very valuable information. Now you know, how to get affordable sex Swing Stand.

It’s up to you if you use the advantage of those above.

Don’t forget to use promo codes above and save your hard earned money. You should also subscribe to news – in the right sidebar and find way to save up to 70% of discount.

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Sex on a Door jam sex swing

Many couples need something to spice up their sex life.Some of them choose some sex toys. Some of them, choose Door Jam Sex Swing. Why? The answer is below.

couple on doorway sex swingWhy is sex on door jam SEX swing so great?

It’s obviously. Because of the positions that you always dream of. Especially while you hang weightless and your partner explore the unknown world of sex positions.
It’s great for both of you. Not only that all that you discover is new, but it gives you also a pleasure that you didn’t get until now.

Would you like to have Sex on a swing on your vacations?

Pick one of the DoorWay Sex Swings and you can use it and play with your partner anywhere you like. You are not limited only to use it in your house or apartment. You can take it also on vacations and enjoy in unique sex positions reaching with Door Jam sex swing.

door jam sex swing easymountCan you have sex on a cheap sex swing?

Of Course. Even if Doorway sex SWINGS are cheap, this doesn’t mean that those are unsafe or useless.
Door jam sex swings will cost you around fifty bucks. If you look from the other perspective. Lots of vibratrs cost much more than this. Anyway, you can also include vibrator in sex on a doorway SEX SWING.
So now you know that getting one of cheap sex swings, will spice up your sex life for good.

Advantages of doorway sex swings

There are many reasons why is this BDSM gear one of the best sex swings.

In my opinion, one of the greatest advantage that you get from doorway sex swing is because it’s portable.
This means, that you can use it not only in the comfort in your home, but you can take it also in hotels, on vacations and your trips. So you and your partner can enjoy in this where ever you go.

Don’t forget that this is not only one of the best sex swings, but it’s also a cheap.

To get more information about getting it cheaper, click on How to get DoorWay sex swing cheaper?

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Portable Sex Swings

Looking for portable sex swing? Don’t waste your time any more. Here you will find all you need to know which Portable Sex Swing is best to use and choose.

Advantages of portable sex swing

Advantages of Portable Sex Swings are in its usefulness. You can use them not only in your home, but you can take it also on your vacations or trips.
With little bit of imagination, ingenuity and practicality, you can use those almost anywhere.

Using love Swings is awesome not only for strong people but also for those with with arthritis and muscular weakness.

So you can mount those not only inside but also outside. Let’s say on the branch of the tree.

door jam sex swing easymountWhat portable Love Swings offers you?

Well, all of them are more or less adjustable. This means that using this BDSM gear offers you positions that you think that only athletic and sexually gifted can enjoy in. Now it’s your time to enjoy in those too.

Which type of portable SEX swings you can find?

There are three basic types. Door mounted sex swings, Body Mounted sex swings and Hang sex swings.

Body mount sex swing can be mounted on your or your partner’s body. Using this type don’t offers you a lot of possibilities and positions, but anyway, it’s very fun.

Door jam sex swings are most practical. Because of its easy to mount and dismount, you can use it in any room. Not only in your home but also in hotels or any other facilities. So, what are you waiting for? Get one as soon as possible.

Hang Sex swings you can mount on the ceiling of your room. So i guess you’ll not mount it in hotel room. But still if you go on vacation. You can mount it on the tee or any other strong construction.

hang sex swing whiteWhich Portable sex Swing to choose?

Honestly, it all depends on the way you want to use it. Me and my partner have DOOR jam sex swing and we love it.

Body mount is also awesome for those who travel a lot. Only reason why we don’t use this type is in my weakness. Well, I’m not a very strong man, but anyway, we still enjoy in pleasures from our door JAM sex swing.

Hang sex swing are awesome. With this type you are not limited with space around you. Maybe if you use the stand for Hang Sex Swings. But this is not excuse not to get one of those.
If you like to have outdoor sex, you must choose this type. It will fits you better than other sex swings.

Why choose Door Jam Sex Swing?

If you choose door jam Sex Swing, you are good to go all around the world and having sex using your door jam sex swing.
body mount sex swingWhy is that so? Because doors you can find anywhare in the world, right? So using door mount sex swing is one of the best options that you have.

Few words about body mounted sex swings

If you or your partner is strong enough to hold you in its lap, there is no question about using body mount Love swing.

If your partners back is strong enough to hold you, it’s great to use this type of love SWING.

It’s also best to choose if you really don’t have enough space for at least door jam LOVE swing.
How to get portable sex SWINGS cheaper?

In one of the previous articles, you can find best ways to get those cheaper. Use one of the promo codes from this article and get most discount that you can get and save your hard earned money!

To go direct to this article click on How To Find Cheap Sex Swings!

Those with bigger sizes, I highly recommend to get one of dual hook sex swings.

No matter where you are, or where you go. There is always way, to use one of those PORTABLE sex swings.

Choose one of those types, that fits best to you and your partner and start enjoying your sex life in those positions that you always dream of.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy Sex Swing

If you looking for sex SWING to explore new positions and get more from your sex life, Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy 360°Sex Swing is definitely what you need. Wanna know why? Read more and you’ll find out.

fetish fantasy 360 degree sex swingUsing this 360° SEX swing gives you ability to explore the sex positions that was for now exclusive only to the athletic and sexually gifted.

This fetish fantasy sex swing offers you and your partner to perform most stimulating positions that you always dream of.

360° hang sex swingHanging in 360°sex swing you will have a chance to enjoy in weightless sex with unlimited positions. Only limit that this 360 degree SEX swing have is weight limit, which is 350 lbs.

Who can use this fetish fantasy 360° sex swing?

This is perfect for lovers of different sizes and weight. Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy 360° Sex Swing is adjustable to any height and angle. It makes uncomfortable positions in relaxing and joable sex experience.
Using this is great for beginners as well for those who are familiar with other types of best sex swings.

Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy 360 sex SwingWhat is main advantage of Fetish Fantasy SEX Swing?

Unlike door jam sex swings, which are great, this type offers you more freedom because of 360° rotation. So you can enjoy in no limitations in positions and angles during the sex play, even in those positions that you never thought were possible.

Is there any cons of fetish fantasy 360 degree sex swing?

The only con for this type od sex swings is that they can be quite pricey… that is if you don’t use this discount code ” LUCKY20″ on TopVibratorsShop.com where you can get 20% on your purchase. Now that’s is some serious saving. You probably wont be able to get cheaper than this.

GO HERE and use the promo code LUCKY20.

Don’t make limits in your sex life. Get one of those Fetish fantasy sex swings and explore the land of sex pleasures that you always dream of.

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How to find Cheap sex swings

If you ever looked for sex swing, then you noticed that they can be quite expensive. But finding cheap Sex Swings is not so hard as you think it is.

There are few ways to get adult sex swings cheaper and I will share with you few ways that I use to get things cheaper or with discounts.

Ceiling sex swingBEST sex swings usually cost a little bit more, but material is better and it will last longer. But anyway, here are few ways how to find cheap SEX swings.

Basically there are three main ways to get and find cheap sex SWINGS. Those are discounts, promo code and FREE shipping.

How to find discounts for best sex swings?

Finding discounts for best Sex Swings can be a little bit challenging. But if you follow my instructions that you find in previous article, you should be able to find best sex SWINGS cheaper.

To check mentioned article, click on »How to find BEST sex swing prices«.

Which adult sex swings are cheaper?

On the market you can find several different type of Adult Sex Swings. Most common are Door jam sex swings.
This is due to the rapid installation when you need it and quick removal after use.

door jam sex swingDoor jam SEX swings are great variegation for sex life.

Why are best sex swings so expensive?

Honestly, if you want to spice you sex life a little bit, I think that spending 200$ is not so big deal.

You should aware, that best sex swings are made from best materials, the buckles are made from metal, straps are padded and adjustable.

Straps usually also have clips, so you can unclip it and change the position of the arm or leg straps.

Of course, if you check the article that I mentioned before, if you follow the instructions, you can find those much cheaper. Some of best SEX SWINGS you can get for less than 70$.

Where can you get promo codes for cheap sex swings?

I know for two online stores that you can use promo codes and one where you can get FREE Shipping.

Promo codes: (click on the name of store)


JUST4U              -5.00% Off (No Order Minimum)

10OFF50            -10.00% Off ($50.00 Order Minimum)

15PLEASURE   -15.00% Off ($100.00 Order Minimum)


5OFF4U              -5.00% Off (No Order Minimum)

SWEET15          -15.00% Off ($50.00 Order Minimum)

LUCKY20           -20.00% Off ($100.00 Order Minimum)



Here you’ll get FREE Shipping if you order $39+. They also have a promo code for discount on the top of the home page.

Now you know How to find Cheap sex swings for you and your partner. Explore the pleasures that sex swings offers for both of you.

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How to find best sex swing prices

Nowadays everyone want to save money. So sex toys are no exception. This is the reason, why I want to share my experiences with you, how to find best sex swing prices online.

There are many ways and I’ll show you my favorite ways to help you find best sex swings prices for your budget.

door sex swingHow to find best sex swing prices?

These stuff can be quite expensive, so it’s smart to take a minute and check those in your price range and with some discount.

Let’s check price range for your new adult equipment.

Go to your favorite online store. I highly recommend one that I use most. Go Here!

Use promo code JUST4U – 5.00% Off (No Order Minimum) sitewide!

In search bar type »sex swing« and click on the magnifying glass. Then you will see some of swings for sex. To find one in your wanted price range, you should scroll down a little bit and in left sidebar you will see the section »price«.
There you can input your wanted minimum and maximum price that you want to check. Click on »Go«.
New page will offer you items in your wanted price range.

In my opinion, you should choose one from the top of the page. Usually those are best selling. You can also check those with at least three stars. All you have to do, is pick one that fits you most.

sex swingLet’s try to find love swing for you and your partner with some discount.

In Amazon online store – CLICK HERE, you have many options to help you find best sex swing prices.

Just like you did it before, in search bar type »sex swing« and press enter or click on magnifying glass. Then click on the »sex swings« in the top of the left sidebar.
Scroll down until you see in the left sidebar the section »Discount«.
Click on your desired amount of discount and find best sex swing for you and your partner.
If you are not satisfied with the range of choices, try lower percentage of discount. That will definitely give you more items for checking.

How to find best sex swings?

Quality matters even in sex swings world. So you should also throw an eye on quality of the products.
It’s quite easy, but many people doesn’t use this method.
You simply go to your favorite online store. Remember discount finding method? Well, do it again and find sex swings on amazon.
To found best sex swing you should looking in the sidebar for section named something like »Customer rating«. Usually there are stars, so you can easily find this.
Click on at least four stars. Then you will have displayed best sex swings rated by satisfied customers.
If you don’t find any item that you like, check those with less stars.

white sex swingAre pictures of a sex swings important?

Yes, of course. You should also check pictures of a sex swing before you pick one.
Why? On a pictures of a sex swing you will probably see all the stuff you get with your chosen one. Some love swings comes with adjustable straps, springs and other stuff. It’s very important to check those too, before you decide to pick one.
You probably will not be happy if you get door sex swing instead of Dual Hook Sex Swing which is mount on the ceiling.

deluxe sex swingCan you find any bbw sex swing on the market?

Sure you can. Especially Dual Hook Sex Swing is very suitable for those with bigger sizes.
Don’t forget that bbw sex swing can use both of you at the same time, as long as you don’t weight too much. It gives you many new positions and lot of fun.
Bbw sex swing will kind of more cradles you than pinch you in.
Dual hook sex swing and any other bbw sex swing is not good only for persons with bigger sizes, but also for people with arthritis and muscular weakness.
Now you know how to find best sex swing prices and some other important stuff that will help you find best product.
Following those instructions, can and will save you a lot of money. So don’t hesitate and go find best sex swing for you and your partner.

Use the advantage of these methods for everything you purchase online. So you will save your hard earned money.


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